Day 349 – Is trying to remain calm….

Thursday 16th December 2011. … the face of frustration.  Sometimes it is difficult to understand the actions of others, when measured against your own expectations. so I decided to dedicate this song to today….. …..   and in reality, today actually turned out to be a lot of fun.  Thanks to the staff helping out … Continue reading

Day 336 – Munster, the City tour and the Christmas market

Friday 2nd December 2011. After the Mettingen experience yesterday, we headed off for Munster.  An affluent city, with an interesting history, that managed to rebuild itself after heavy bombing during the 2nd World War, and create a modern version of its old self.  In other words nothing like the Coventry’s of this world, which makes … Continue reading

Day 340 – Istanbul

Tuesday 6th December 2011. Another early start, and guess what, I am already awake before the alarm goes off, as my inner clock has adjusted to those 5am starts. Help! Today I’m traveling to Istanbul, to do some store visits with the Turkish team. They are a ‘young’ country, keen and enthusiastic, though restrained by … Continue reading

Day 332 – Monday Morning Mantra in practice…..

Monday 28th November 2011. Today started with a trip to the Hospital.  Not unexpectedly, luckily, but to check up on where my aches and pains seem to be coming from.  The appointment was via my Doctor, and at a hospital I had never visited before, St Luc in Woluwe St Pierre.  It was one of … Continue reading

Day 327 – let’s eat cake!

Wednesday 23rd November 2011. Yesterday in the office……. so nice that Bernadette cooks Italian, as well as learns to speak it on Monday nights! …. ….. Torta di ricotta e cioccolato …. Ingredients 4 eggs 500g ricotta 100 g chocolate pearls 4 tablespoons of flour 150g sugar Zest of 1 lime Directions Beat  the egg … Continue reading

Day 278 – 1841 Heritage Denim in Antwerp

C&A are currently running a Pop Up Store in the Antwerp, our heritage line of denim brought to life in a unique environment. Proud to be part of it all from the VM design side, and currently enjoying working on our next project linked to our Fashion Show Summer 2012, coming to life in just … Continue reading

Day 213 – adjusting back to life in Brussels……

After 6 hours sleep on the camp bed in our sons room (our bedroom is the Grandparents domain for the next 10 days!), it was time to get up and face reality……… 371 work emails to clear and action ;( That’s the dreaded part of the holiday return (along with the unpacking and washing, and … Continue reading

Day 96 – The Foyer

Great day at work today, we finally put the finishing touches to our new ‘Foyer’, and opened it to applause and accolades.  It was a lovely first project for me, as part of the VM team.  We were on a tight budget while reusing things we found in the building, at the secondhand shop (fab … Continue reading

Day 46 – Relief

I know a lot of people where I work, today, felt one very common thought.  One of relief.  We lived through 18 months and 14 days of disbelief.  A lot of grey clouds, dark clouds, storms and turmoil.  And a common feeling that why doesn’t anybody do anything about it. Actually when you looked inwards, … Continue reading

Diet Day 11 – Another New Year’s Resolution – Have Fun at Work!

I like to have Fun.  In fact I am at my best when I’m having fun, and honestly who isn’t?  But what exactly does fun mean? ………… bbb Fun is the enjoyment or pleasure and, according to Johan Huizinga, “an absolutely primary category of life, familiar to everybody at a glance right down to the … Continue reading