Day 365 – the end of the Year!

Saturday 31st December 2011. Well I finally made it.  Made it to the ski resort in Avoriaz, (though not yet on the ski’s!) and managed 365 days of blogging…… It’s one of the very few EVER New Year’s resolutions I have ever made, and then achieved, it has been a pleasure (most of the time!) … Continue reading

Day 81 – Dedication to the Cause

The server on WordPress was down last night, and caused a few flutters when I realised that I wouldn’t be able to blog before midnight.  Now I am left with a very quick post before work, when of course your brain freezes on what and how to write!  I guess the sheer panic shows just … Continue reading

Diet Day 10 – “Have a nice day!” Enjoy a Purple Pep…

The books are so right about needing at least 8 hours sleep when you’re on a detox.  Last night, curled up on the sofa with my laptop, teaching myself new tricks on WordPress for my blog, I realised that Hubbie was off to bed before me.  Unheard of.  Must have been the lack of internet … Continue reading