Day 234 – it’s just me and the cat, and 3 wet chickens but….

Tonight after a late return from Dusseldorf, I settled down to laptop life at the kitchen table, and undisturbed caught up on a lot of bits and pieces, and had a great Skype chat with my family back in Cornwall. They were unfortunately counting the number and size of the glasses of white wine that … Continue reading

Day 197 – The sunshine arrives… least in my dreams!

well at least in the form of my Hubbie!  The train rolled in on time and after a wet reunion on the station platform at Rosporden, we drove home for a cheese and wine celebratory lunch.  After a tidy up in the Garage (he can’t resist tackling something messy the minute he walks in the … Continue reading

Day 128 – will I ever learn?

Mother’s Day has arrived, and it is not high up on my list of favourite days of this year.  A beautiful and hot day, is stressed already as the family get on with their Sunday rituals while I prepare for a big BBQ party.  I manage a quick cycle ride to Flagey market, for the … Continue reading

Diet Day 3

Day 3.  France.  Raining.  So time to go home.  Janine has recovered enough from the oyster poisoning to do lunch today.  La Hune is open after the Christmas break, so it’s time to head down to the marina for a steak before leaving (and a glass or two or red wine).  First off, it’s the … Continue reading

Diet Day -1

Today as I prepare myself for the big day, I’ve started looking for fridge inspiration. You know, that ‘message on the door’, that is guaranteed to stop you opening it the minute you come home from work and reach for the bottle of white wine, meat leftovers, and cubes of cheese.  I started with Etsy, … Continue reading

Absence makes the heart grow stronger (and tv is just bad for your eyes)

It felt weird but wonderful.  No kids, no cat, no hubbie……….. just peace and quiet.  Everything was in it’s place (whether right or wrong, it was exactly as I had left it this morning). Ok the dutch flags and the remnants of an orange defeat still hung over the house, but I did not have … Continue reading