Day 244 – Barcelona G’Inspiration Part 2

My biggest find of the trip was the discovery of a super wine and liquor store that had the most wonderful window display, and the most incredible (and probably the largest range I’ve ever seen!) of unusual Gin!!  Seriously this display case below is just Gin with a few bottles of unusual tonic!! I was … Continue reading

Day 243 – Barcelona Inspiration Part 1

Such bliss…… a 2 hour flight with an iPad loaded with BBC iPlayer downloads, magazines, and podcasts….. accompanied by a Starbucks coffee and a BLT!  I was seriously considering hijacking the plane to prolong the pleasure!!  This is what happens when you’re let loose for 48 hours with no kids, no Hubbie, and no responsibilities … Continue reading

Day 239 – Local Shopping for Young (by older!) Rock Stars….

Today I’m going to focus on a great shop we found on Rue du Page in Ixelles (Brussels) on a 3 hour dash round our local area to find a birthday present for Natan, the 10 year old friend of our son, whose ‘Rock Star’ birthday party he is attending tonight.  Les Petits Riens had … Continue reading

Day 230 – In the footsteps of the Parents…..

I am posting this recollection to remind me in the long dark winter, when my kids are in one of their long dark bored and ‘I’m not doing that’ moods, that at times they can be helpful, useful and very co-operative.  The trouble with kids is you cannot predict where, when and how!! Today, I … Continue reading

Day 229 – London Inspiration 2

What a great way to start Day 2 in London, lots of love with your coffee!  We skipped Starbucks and headed for an unusual looking coffee bar near the hotel.  Turned out to be an Aussie venture called Sensory Lab…….. great graphics, cool interior and super smooth coffee.  If you’re staying in the Mandeville Hotel … Continue reading

Day 228 – London Inspiration

After very little sleep but highly excited, my first day back at work after this short holiday was in London. During the Eurostar trip, I wrote a bit of my blog off-line on the iPad and watched a movie, until arriving at St Pancreas International, with incredibly tired eyes.  I think I’m  currently battling with … Continue reading

Day 137 – Life from on High……

Today I viewed life from on high.  Not some unearthly or holy experience as such, although driving to Neuss can be classified as a little unearthly at such an early time in the morning.  No, most of my day was viewed from up a ladder while dressing and undressing men!  Actually in Germany it is … Continue reading

Day 103 – my first blog on the iPad, live from Istanbul!

I’m excited but also apprehensive as this is my first blog on the iPad, via wifi, live from Istanbul! I have to say it’s been another interesting experience, as although I’ve been here a few times on business in my former life (design and buying), and for a very memorable weekend with Hubbie BC (before … Continue reading

Day 96 – The Foyer

Great day at work today, we finally put the finishing touches to our new ‘Foyer’, and opened it to applause and accolades.  It was a lovely first project for me, as part of the VM team.  We were on a tight budget while reusing things we found in the building, at the secondhand shop (fab … Continue reading