Day 281 – High in the sky……

I would love to escape to a treehouse or beach shelter, deep in a jungle, remote, and out of touch. These are some of the new images to help me dream the day away…… ….. Green in the rainforest, Eco friendly and Vintage -> where else would you want to escape to ……  this is … Continue reading

Day 65 – Hole up and hide away

I am constantly looking at tree houses, hideaways and eco homes, in my dream to find the Great Escape. Sometimes they are high in the sky and very eco minded (Diet Day 22 – Treetops « Life with Lizzi.), sometimes they are more utilitarian, solid and safe, but still utilising re-use, rebuild and natural elements.  … Continue reading

Diet Day 22 – Treetops

My ideal place for relaxation would be way up high.  I have dreamed for years of having a treehouse, of being able to climb up high, reach for the sky, and breathe in the air, relax and unwind.  I tried the excuse of having kids…..’darling, wouldn’t it be fab if they had a treehouse to … Continue reading