Day 185 – forest friends….

No trip to hunting country would be complete without a final look at what is on display in a typical Ardenne home. I was surprised at the stuffed polar bear at Lovisa’s home in Stockholm (owned I hasten to add, by her landlord), but the collection of animals at Kurt and Alexandra’s was more like … Continue reading

Day 184 – @Redu, the Book Village in the Ardennes

What to do with the rest of yesterday, after the mega breakfast, became a bit of a challenge late morning, as Kurt and Alexandra are so busy with their home that they rarely have time to go anywhere (that sounds so familiar!).  But it was a nice if mixed day, and having Hubbie away from … Continue reading

Day 183 – Breakfast in the Ardennes

The great thing about going away with friends for the weekend is that we can save up all our eggs and cook an English Breakfast without feeling guilty. Double bonus this time, the Mega Egg produced a double yolker!

Day 182 – Weekend in the Ardennes

This weekend we’re in the Ardennes, guests of Kurt and Alexandra, for our first stayover in the Belgian countryside. Having left clear instructions with Jules on the finer points of our pets, we kissed goodbye to Joseph the cat, Gabriella, Betsy and Thila the chickens and packed our car with clothes food and 8 eggs … Continue reading