Day 188 – When the Girls arrived…….

Not only did I manage to do the BBQ successfully, and feed 9 of us + my kids (thanks Jules for the pizza!), I even managed the tidy up before bed, and all without Hubbie!   Impressive, but I have to say. BBQ life is easier with a Man…. but without one, you don’t drink as … Continue reading

Day 187 – and Chilling with my Girlfriends…..

Tonight was a last get together before the summer holidays for the ‘Girls’.  Some have already departed for warmer and sunnier climes, the rest of us are playing the waiting game.  So what better excuse to get together on my terrace for a final party before the summer break! At 7.40 all was cool and … Continue reading

Day 119 – The Royal Wedding, and some suitable recipes for celebrations in style!

After a quick cycle into town for provisions from the market, and a quick fleece blanket Union Jack purchase from ‘La Maison’ shop, we were ready to party on the terrace. Janine whipped up a fantastic English breakfast, while Charles and I got stuck into the Telly watching. Hubbie hovered. Kids couldn’t quite understand what … Continue reading