Day 324 – sunday morning market

Sunday 20th November 2011. It’s Sunday morning, and a special treat, I get to go to the Market with Eliot, his Dad Pieter, and my camera ….. with a perfect finish, a meet up with Helen for a glass of champagne and some smoked salmon, while Pieter cycled my shopping home!  That’s what Sunday’s are … Continue reading

Day 289 – Colourful moments captured on Camera today…..

…….  Sun-day at Flagey, Chickens at Home, and BBQ at the Verbeelens Perfect! ………. *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ……..

Day 261 – car free Sunday!

We started at the market at Flagey, stocking up on picnic contents, comparing routes with Pieter and the gang, and admiring the latest graffiti art from Denis Meyers…… The first lap took us home, (to drop off my sunday shopping!) then down to Watermael Boitsfoit to the next Sunday market where we chilled in the … Continue reading

Day 226 – Sunny Sundays.

We had our ritual trip to the Sunday market at Foret Fouesnant today, as my Mum has been converted to the delights of French cheese, and crusty bread. Unfortunately the bread doesn’t travel well, but the Comte and the Morbier does, so we’ve filled the basket with cheeses and saucisson bound for the journey home … Continue reading

Day 205 – Gone again!

Today was wet! Very wet…. grey and basically reflecting all our moods. We managed a trip to the Sunday market at Foret Fouesnant, a quick drink in the bar there with Carol and Roger, and a free Ricard (ugh!) but lots of giveaways as they were doing a promo in the Bar. The rest of … Continue reading

Day 191 – Sunday markets and doing things I don’t normally have to…..

Of course the highlight of arriving in France after the arduous journey on a Saturday, is the thrill of the market on a Sunday.  I almost wish it was Sunday every other day when you’re here, actually not a bad idea when you’re in Belgium too! As it’s holiday time, it’s busy, and you queue … Continue reading

Day 72 – The End of a Weekend in Brussels

I posted yesterday on my Facebook page that I loved Brussels, and I meant it.  A lot of my friends often see the sarcastic side of me, but this time, and generally speaking, I do love the city I live in. We had one of those weekends, which revolved around our local neighbourhood, and our … Continue reading