No more Blue Mondays…..

Well who would have thought a few days off up a mountain would result in one month of internet silence? Not me at the time, but looking back over this month, it was hardly a surprise. January is probably the most difficult month of the year for me, as I’m sure it is for most … Continue reading

Day 365 – the end of the Year!

Saturday 31st December 2011. Well I finally made it.  Made it to the ski resort in Avoriaz, (though not yet on the ski’s!) and managed 365 days of blogging…… It’s one of the very few EVER New Year’s resolutions I have ever made, and then achieved, it has been a pleasure (most of the time!) … Continue reading

Day 364 – travelling to Geneva

Friday 30th December 2011. Hubbie gets his own back when the alarm shrieks at 7am in the morning, as I am still not ready to get up and pack (what a surprise – I’m not good in the mornings either!). And I trudge through the house with my list of ski essentials (and life essentials), … Continue reading

Day 363 – the day before…..

Thursday 29th December 2011. Today I cleaned up the desk at work, emptied my in-box, and then headed home to do my packing. However I am easily distracted, and between finishing the post for Turtlewings, catching up with a quick G&T and a chat with Jules, and preparing dinner from leftovers, the evening suddenly disappeared. … Continue reading