Day 239 – Local Shopping for Young (by older!) Rock Stars….

Today I’m going to focus on a great shop we found on Rue du Page in Ixelles (Brussels) on a 3 hour dash round our local area to find a birthday present for Natan, the 10 year old friend of our son, whose ‘Rock Star’ birthday party he is attending tonight.  Les Petits Riens had … Continue reading

Day 228 – London Inspiration

After very little sleep but highly excited, my first day back at work after this short holiday was in London. During the Eurostar trip, I wrote a bit of my blog off-line on the iPad and watched a movie, until arriving at St Pancreas International, with incredibly tired eyes.  I think I’m  currently battling with … Continue reading

Day 215 – Holiday Thought for the Day….

This was an interesting article that had us giggling like hell in the office this week, as we continue on the holiday theme….. Supposedly, UK women pack too many clothes for a two-week summer holiday and end up wearing just over half the items according to a survey by Co-operative Insurance. The value of the … Continue reading

Day 104 – Istanbul part 2

Ok last night was very interesting when I finally plucked up the courage to leave the hotel for dinner. The hotel recommended a restaurant down by the Bospheros, that served fish. Off I went yet again in a taxi with no seat belts (but I’m getting used to closing my eyes and praying by now!) … Continue reading

Day 84 – Stockholm

Great day had by all.  The sun shone, the shops were brilliant, I still needed my puffa jacket, and Lieve nearly lost hers.  Stockholm in the sunshine is perfect, it is such a beautiful city and very inspiring.  Can’t wait to write up the report, but it’ll have to wait another day as the Girls … Continue reading

Day 83 – Live from Stockholm

There have been long chat mails via the girls this week.  Weather reports said 2 deg in Stockholm, and it was currently 18 deg in Brussels.  Whose mad idea was it to come north at the time of year, when spring is beginning in all other areas of Europe, with a friend who had only … Continue reading

Diet Day 4, my favourite ‘Clean’ recipe

Thank God for the Internet!  I was getting very wobbly about how to start my ‘Clean’ diet without my book, but most of all without my beloved recipe for Chicken Quinoa.  A quick search resolved that, and I’m off to the supermarket to stock up.  Trolley and Hubbie in hand, leaving the car and the … Continue reading

Local vs. Global

I have spent the last year generally bemoaning the gradual spread of global retailing.  I hate the idea of eating ‘Pain Quotidien’ in New York or London. I love ‘Paul’ in Paris, but loath it in Brussels. I want to buy ‘River Island and All Saints’ in London, ‘Anthropology, A&F and Whole Foods’ in New … Continue reading

All wrapped up…… I just love pretty packaging!

Ok I admit, I have a huge weakness for pretty packaging.  I’m the one who is more impressed by the ornate wrapping paper than by the gift lying inside.  I’m also the shopper who is totally taken in by the packaging design that wraps up even the most mundane everyday object.  Many a purchase has … Continue reading

Download the latest trends @ C&A

This is a tribute to a good friend and colleague of mine Yasmina – who has achieved the undeniable act of producing the most unexpected quote of this century “I finally enjoyed a morning shopping with you mum, they’re my type of clothes!”…… From the mouth of a ‘yo boy – I’m so cool at … Continue reading