Day 260 – Sick on a Saturday, no way!

Sitting still, taking it easy, and relaxing are not a natural part of my vocabulary.   I know through previous incidents, that this is the only way to recover, but I am still completely useless at putting theory into practice!  I have this built in, keep going button, that is very difficult to reset at … Continue reading

Day 148 – Super Saturday

Saturday started slowly after a heavy night on the street, literally! It was neighbor day yesterday and our street was closed off for the evening so the kids could skate and cycle, and the adults eat, drink and gossip. Most important priority this morning after the kids tennis, was heading to the Superdry sale at … Continue reading

Diet Day 29 – A day with my daughter, shopping?

The boys have gone to The Hague.  My son is taking part in a Band Festival, and was very excited at 5am this morning.  Yes 5am.  The bus was leaving at 5.45, so the Boys were up very very early. making lots of excited noise.  My daughter and I went back to sleep.  Well actually … Continue reading