Day 179 – Chicken ‘Crush and Mush’, recycling/recircling with our chickens!

The chickens have some rather interesting eating habits, probably a reflection of the family who has adopted them.  At the weekend, our daughter introduced them to the delights of half eaten grapes, fed by hand.  (Sometimes she grasps the concept of sharing, just not with big brother!) I have also been looking up various feeding … Continue reading

Day 172 – more things to do with those plastic packing strips……

Wrap a present -> looks great in paper, must be manageable in plastic too!  And in addition, it’s a fab way to reuse your newspaper and magazines…… idea inspired by Woven paper gift topper | Mini-eco. …… and why not use as the tapes for a bulletin board -> both useful and colourful! inspired by … Continue reading

Day 41 – Some sort of Breakthrough…… what to do next (life beyond a diet!)

41 days of blog writing.  recipes, diet tips, a bit of wisdom and some abstract thoughts.  I guess it all adds up, and I’m glad to see, that almost like a diary, it gives me a chance to reflect on how I am feeling, what I should do, and how I should go about it.  … Continue reading