REcircle, our creative re-use centre, (based on a decade of dreaming and the long term vision of my good friend Julie-Anne Verbeelen) is about to go live.  We’re finally down to the last 6 days of a 21 month countdown, which started with a dinner including 30 inspiring guests, to help and lay down the … Continue reading

Day 344 – REcircle pops up!

Saturday 10th December 2011. We opened our pop up store today, in the basement of Turtlewings at rue Washington 165, 1050 Brussels.  After an early start to help put the finishing touches in place, the kids started on the graphic support.  We were running a joint project for kids and adults to design and print … Continue reading

Day 277 – board room meetings (no longer boring), this is the way forward!

Sometimes life needs a slightly renewed focus Sometimes life needs us to take things a little less seriously Sometimes change forced on us, is actually for our own good It felt like that last night, we were alive n’ kicking (and not bored!) at our Board Room meeting at REcircle again, go gang!  Lot’s of … Continue reading

Day 259 – Streetlife ….

Friday brought Park(ing) day, during which the gang hung out in front of Turtlewings, promoting REcircle.  This meant working on the street, with free wifi and coffee, creating fun stuff out of beautiful waste, while I nurtured the massive headache at home.  Lots of interesting people passed by and stopped to talk,life slowed down for … Continue reading

Day 257 – One Week without Hubbie….

and yet another swimming session tonight!  I have now switched to Grapefruit and Soda, with free nuts, as I have been single handedly keeping the bar and restaurant profitable!  Tonight I focused on more messaging and facebooking about REcircle‘s involvement in Park(ing) Day here in Brussels, and dreaming up some more ideas.  More on that … Continue reading

Day 256 – Park(ing) Day

As Brussels gears itself up for its annual Car-free Sunday (this Sunday September 18th), we have stumbled upon a great initiative on the internet called Park(ing) Day. Basically its a worldwide event where city residents are inspired to spend this Friday and Saturday, taking over a Parking space in their City to convert it into … Continue reading

Day 179 – Chicken ‘Crush and Mush’, recycling/recircling with our chickens!

The chickens have some rather interesting eating habits, probably a reflection of the family who has adopted them.  At the weekend, our daughter introduced them to the delights of half eaten grapes, fed by hand.  (Sometimes she grasps the concept of sharing, just not with big brother!) I have also been looking up various feeding … Continue reading

Day 172 – more things to do with those plastic packing strips……

Wrap a present -> looks great in paper, must be manageable in plastic too!  And in addition, it’s a fab way to reuse your newspaper and magazines…… idea inspired by Woven paper gift topper | Mini-eco. …… and why not use as the tapes for a bulletin board -> both useful and colourful! inspired by … Continue reading

Day 171 – Creating stuff with plastic strips and bits of paper…..

Yesterday morning was spent hanging out at the Open day and Brocante at Turtlewings.  Jules was promoting her great Pre-school programme (move over Gever Tully, Jules has big plans to make pre-school cool!), and we were keeping an eye and generally selling bits and pieces with Sam (her pre-school teacher who also happens to be … Continue reading

Day 93 – OMG, how many fingers could you lose in a day?

On Sunday we went to look at the ‘opposition’ to our project REcircle.  It’s a non profit organisation in Brussels that focuses on introducing art to children (hence the name, Art Basics for Children).  It has a great site (we were very envious) and has been operating for about 4 years.  No element of recycling … Continue reading