Day 209 – Gateau breton

I have been struggling this holiday to get motivated in the kitchen.  Actually to get motivated at all, at times.  I have even once or twice taken over the male domain of the BBQ (shock horror!) after realising in the first week, that sans Hubbie means you have to DIY! So it was lovely to … Continue reading

Day 131 – Asparagus – pure Dutch “White Gold”

Lieve, my colleague at work, suffers as much as I do from the long boring journeys in the car, criss-crossing the borders of Holland, Germany and Belgium.  She has however, found an even more interesting pit stop than a trip to the local Albert Heijn supermarket when in Holland.  She stops by the side of … Continue reading

Day 94 – Rick Stein’s fish pie

There’s something about a good hearty meal on a Monday night to kickstart the week.  Unfortunately I’m usually too tired at the start (and often the end) of the week to do elaborate cooking.  So I cheat on Monday’s by preparing something oven easy on a Sunday night that can be popped in the minute … Continue reading

Day 76 – Chicken Wraps with Shiitake Mushrooms

Wednesday nights are my ‘leftovers lurking in the fridge’ night.  It’s the evening before the next veggie bio box delivery, and it’s the night I check what really needs to be cooked up and used.  Often soup is the order of the day, but this Wednesday I was inspired to do something more exciting with … Continue reading

Day 71 – Girlie moments with my Daughter… making meatballs and spaghetti

Girlie moments with my daughter are not easy to come by.  They are reserved for moments when she is ready to let down her guard and not worry about anyone else. They are only allowed when she is not in competition, not in conflict, and when she feels she is ready to be a true … Continue reading

Day 53 – Wet Wet Wet, with Wild Mushroom soup and Steamed Clams with sausage

We got very very very wet yesterday.  Twice.  The first time was due to my determination to go cockling.  I had researched the recipes, the night before, and had even found a version that included sausages to try and convince the kids to eat them.  So in the morning I whipped up a Wild Mushroom … Continue reading

Diet Day 14 – Smile! Tonight it’s Panfried fish with fresh beetroot salsa

Today the traffic in Brussels was appalling.  Our trip to school took forever and on top of this, I had 2 extra kids in the car.  However there is always a silver lining to every cloudburst, and mine was in the shape of a game the kids decided to play.  ‘Bonjour’ involved waving and shouting … Continue reading

Diet Day 10 – “Have a nice day!” Enjoy a Purple Pep…

The books are so right about needing at least 8 hours sleep when you’re on a detox.  Last night, curled up on the sofa with my laptop, teaching myself new tricks on WordPress for my blog, I realised that Hubbie was off to bed before me.  Unheard of.  Must have been the lack of internet … Continue reading

Diet Day 9 – Hot and Sour Chicken Soup, and No I am NOT!

No I am NOT in a good mood today.  After a nice long lie-in, a bit of kitchen preparation for the week (soup making including the stock), I was looking forward to an hour to myself early afternoon.  And then the dreaded catastrophy happened.  The Internet went down along with our mail server.  Not good.