Books and Bed …..Bliss!

For once luck was on my side.  We arrived in France to find the house in perfect shape, clean enough (thanks to Hubbie’s flying visit in December) and warm.  But best of all (though it took a little adjusting to in the planning of the week) – no internet, no tv, no telephone.  (cheers Orange!).  … Continue reading

Day 252 – Hubbie’s gone Day 2

It’s been a particularly quiet day today.  I mean, without anyone to talk to as opposed to not being busy, in case you were wondering! I was on my own in the office, apart from a short break at lunchtime when I skyped Shanghai Sjef, I had no sensible conversations with anyone in the flesh.  … Continue reading

Day 184 – @Redu, the Book Village in the Ardennes

What to do with the rest of yesterday, after the mega breakfast, became a bit of a challenge late morning, as Kurt and Alexandra are so busy with their home that they rarely have time to go anywhere (that sounds so familiar!).  But it was a nice if mixed day, and having Hubbie away from … Continue reading

Day 109 – More Time Please……

Why is it so much easier to exercise here than in Brussels? The answer is Time.  That rare commodity that I would so much love to have more of.  Something that speeds by everyday, even when I restrict my sleeping hours to 6, which means I never seem to achieve all I would like to.  … Continue reading