REcircle, our creative re-use centre, (based on a decade of dreaming and the long term vision of my good friend Julie-Anne Verbeelen) is about to go live.  We’re finally down to the last 6 days of a 21 month countdown, which started with a dinner including 30 inspiring guests, to help and lay down the … Continue reading

Day 256 – Park(ing) Day

As Brussels gears itself up for its annual Car-free Sunday (this Sunday September 18th), we have stumbled upon a great initiative on the internet called Park(ing) Day. Basically its a worldwide event where city residents are inspired to spend this Friday and Saturday, taking over a Parking space in their City to convert it into … Continue reading

Day 172 – more things to do with those plastic packing strips……

Wrap a present -> looks great in paper, must be manageable in plastic too!  And in addition, it’s a fab way to reuse your newspaper and magazines…… idea inspired by Woven paper gift topper | Mini-eco. …… and why not use as the tapes for a bulletin board -> both useful and colourful! inspired by … Continue reading