Diet Day 30 – A Lazy Sunday, with Chicken with lemon & courgette quinoa

I am gradually easing myself off the detox, while trying to maintain a healthy approach to eating.  After all, I am thrilled to lose 5kgs, but realistically my goal is to lose another 10kgs by the summer.  I will now need to add exercise into the routine, continue to stay off the cigarettes, keep the … Continue reading

Diet Day 26 – Stuffed Aubergines with Quinoa and Winter Vegetables, and Walnut Sauce

bbb bbb bbb Today, I’m focusing on a new recipe I tried over the weekend, in my quest to find more things to do with Quinoa; bbb bbb bbb Stuffed Aubergines with Quinoa and Winter Vegetables, and Walnut sauce Ingredients 2 aubergines 1 medium onion 2 cloves garlic 1/2 small chopped pumpkin 1 red pepper … Continue reading

Diet Day 16 – Dinners at the Weekend

Last night’s dinner was just perfect.  I have never visited a restaurant that could cater so perfectly for those on a diet.  I even ordered and thoroughly enjoyed a ‘Tonifiant’ juice -> carrot apple lemon and ginger (just yummy).  The menu was punctuated with lots of fish, scallops, lobster and vegetarian offerings including my favourite … Continue reading