Day 345 – Inspiration from Christmas retail windows and decorations.

Sunday 11th December 2011. Yesterday we managed to locate the Christmas tree (hidden in a box last year in the deepest darkest corner of the house!), today it was time to discover the hiding place of the Christmas decorations.  As we have a number of boxes, built up over the years, in different colours, from … Continue reading

Day 344 – REcircle pops up!

Saturday 10th December 2011. We opened our pop up store today, in the basement of Turtlewings at rue Washington 165, 1050 Brussels.  After an early start to help put the finishing touches in place, the kids started on the graphic support.  We were running a joint project for kids and adults to design and print … Continue reading

Day 343 – A form of legalised torture……

Friday 9th December 2011 My morning started with one hand in a bowl of hot water while the other was being electrocuted.  It reminded me of an episode of 24, except it was being applied by two fresh-faced Doctors discussing the benefits of Tasmania or California for the winter break, in French.  Every once in … Continue reading

Day 336 – Munster, the City tour and the Christmas market

Friday 2nd December 2011. After the Mettingen experience yesterday, we headed off for Munster.  An affluent city, with an interesting history, that managed to rebuild itself after heavy bombing during the 2nd World War, and create a modern version of its old self.  In other words nothing like the Coventry’s of this world, which makes … Continue reading

Day 335 – It’s off to work we go…….

Thursday 1st December 2011. But we’re not sure where or what we’ll be doing.  You see we were having a surprise trip today.  Well, sort of a surprise……   In advance, we knew that it consisted of meeting up in Head Office in Germany and then travelling on to somewhere within approximately two hours.  I … Continue reading

Day 342 – Abercrombie arrives in Brussels

Thursday 8th December 2011. I was very concerned about the health of the Abercrombie boys this week.  They’ve been practising posing near Ave Louise and raising the blood pressure of many a middle-aged woman who has been driving past the almost open store (including me!). Today was the big day, so Hubbie and Maxime (who … Continue reading

Day 334 – Nice Stuff.. on a normal day

Wednesday 30th November 2011 Nice stuff has happened today (it’s great focusing on the small acts of kindness rather than worrying about the bigger picture some times!).  Must be as a result of all our positive thinking and being nice to each other and others too!! First off, Jojo has been looking so cuddly today, … Continue reading

Day 333 – Tweener stores stateside, part 3

Tuesday 29th November 2011. I saved my favourite review on the Tweener market til last.  We discovered shop within shop while in Times Square (a great location for hanging out and shopping with the tweens!).  Launched in the spring 2011, it’s part of American Eagle, which we’ve always shopped in for the slightly cheaper versions … Continue reading

Day 338 – More sleep on Sundays….

Sunday 4th December 2011. It’s always a difficult decision, and one that can result in me snoozing for hours. Do I get up early on a Sunday and make the most of the day (and do the Sunday market -often, or bikram yoga- rarely!), or do I die under my duvet? Today was a ‘die … Continue reading

Day 339 – celebrating St Nicholas in Brussels…..

Monday 5th December 2011. Today is St Nicholas, confusing as always to me, a Brit leaving in a Flemish/french international environment with a Dutch husband, where not all celebrate it in the same way. No forward planning had been done, unlike a lot of friends who organize it all at the weekend, when the day … Continue reading