Gooey Blueberry and Banana Muffins…… mmmm Monday!

I’m super excited to bring you such a yummy muffin recipe on a Monday.  I often bookmark stuff to do, drool over or create, on my Springpad and Pinterest accounts.  I love Springpad for saving all the recipes or articles I find while trawling the net, and Pinterest for all things visual.  But to be … Continue reading

Day 281 – High in the sky……

I would love to escape to a treehouse or beach shelter, deep in a jungle, remote, and out of touch. These are some of the new images to help me dream the day away…… ….. Green in the rainforest, Eco friendly and Vintage -> where else would you want to escape to ……  this is … Continue reading

Day 266 – autumn equinox

Today we passed into the Autumnal Equinox at 09.04am this morning.  It is the point where technically the sun passes from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere for the longer part of the day, ie our days start to become shorter (and in the south they start to become longer).  Autumn has truly arrived.  … Continue reading

Day 157 – Technological meltdown, I’m going back to the Pritt stick!

It all started yesterday afternoon, with the Government in the UK. I was on a last minute (I know, never ever leave filing online to the last minute!) mission to file our annual return in the UK. And I fluffed with the authentification code, ordered a new one, only to realise that it takes 5 … Continue reading