Day 249 – Memories of summer…….and how to prepare for the next

It definitely feels like summer is disappearing fast, as Brussels temperatures hit 13 degrees.  However there are ways of grabbing that summer feeling again, and looking forward to the next one (apart from the expensive option of booking your summer holiday ‘Down Under’ in winter!).  On one of my favourite ‘hanging out’ sites, Pinterest, I … Continue reading

Day 198.5 – Colour in Concarneau…..

Yesterday’s visualisation of our walk to Concarneau, even in the rain you can find beautiful colour and light……. The greens, glowing in the dull light…. The neutrals, cool on a grey day……… the vibrants, colourful enough to warm you up…… There’s just something extra special in the light of the coast, that even on a … Continue reading

Day 184 – @Redu, the Book Village in the Ardennes

What to do with the rest of yesterday, after the mega breakfast, became a bit of a challenge late morning, as Kurt and Alexandra are so busy with their home that they rarely have time to go anywhere (that sounds so familiar!).  But it was a nice if mixed day, and having Hubbie away from … Continue reading

Day 174 – Take a good look at life around you……..

Turtlewings Reconnect, the adult creative group that meet once a month on a Thursday lunchtime, had their first ‘Vernissage’ last night.  I was very jealous, due to the fact that a. I wish I could join them and b. they looked a small details in life and documented them in various artistic ways.  From photography … Continue reading

Day 139 – Life in the fashion show, front row in Brussels…….

Yesterday C&A front row for our internal Caring & Amazing seminar including Fashion Show, today “Mais il est ou le soleil?’ Fashion Show at Autoworld Brussels. Yesterday our daughter does her first catwalk, today our student trainee Sophie sees her first Fashion Show live. Both fab, both fun, in different ways.  Huge internal motivation worked … Continue reading

Day 63 – My visual impression of Euroshop 2011

This is a visual Blog of the things I liked about display and stand building at Euroshop this year.  Enjoy!

Day 50 – High tide

After a long and monotonous journey to Brittany, through fog and heavy rain, and after the usual Buffalo Grill dinner on route, we arrived at 2am on saturday morning.  With me swearing never again, as Hubbie was falling asleep behind the wheel,  I had driven virtually the whole route. I had also been on a … Continue reading

Paris, je t’aime!

Love life, and you’ll love Paris! Such joy to jump on a Thalys train and be there in under 2 hours, to walk, look and listen, unwind and enjoy the ‘joie de vivre’. And to indulge in my occasional love affair with my beloved camera………. such moments are just sheer bliss.   Enjoy!….. June 2010