Day 350 – the start of our English Christmas weekend

Friday 16th December 2011. This is our UK version of Christmas.  We are on our way to the Hawkins House to enjoy a chill out weekend with Christmas Dinner served on Saturday night, after a day of last minute shopping, and fingers crossed that all my internet parcels have arrived! Via the Eurotunnel, and a … Continue reading

Day 295 – Scary Stuff on a Saturday!

Living Dead Dolls! saturday – ready to party @BEPS! find the real ones at lMezco’s Living Dead Dolls | Official Website.

Day 187 – and Chilling with my Girlfriends…..

Tonight was a last get together before the summer holidays for the ‘Girls’.  Some have already departed for warmer and sunnier climes, the rest of us are playing the waiting game.  So what better excuse to get together on my terrace for a final party before the summer break! At 7.40 all was cool and … Continue reading

Day 120 – Koningsdag 2011

After an 8 hour drive we arrived back in time to, unpack, shower, and dress in orange! Yep, in (unload car) and out (showered and re-dressed in various shades of orange) in 30 minutes flat, we were at Helene’s and Emile’s to do the Dutch Queens Day, having already ditched flags (and loyalties) to the … Continue reading

Day 118 – and now…. how to organise ‘The wedding of the year’ party in 24 hrs from France?

Just realised……. having only just opted to stay, that I don’t have even one Union Jack to wave on the terrace tomorrow, or a terrace party planned for the 7 survivors of the extra long Easter holiday in France….  although Hubbie has just pointed out over lunch, that I have a Union Jack scarf with … Continue reading