Day 259 – Streetlife ….

Friday brought Park(ing) day, during which the gang hung out in front of Turtlewings, promoting REcircle.  This meant working on the street, with free wifi and coffee, creating fun stuff out of beautiful waste, while I nurtured the massive headache at home.  Lots of interesting people passed by and stopped to talk,life slowed down for … Continue reading

Day 257 – One Week without Hubbie….

and yet another swimming session tonight!  I have now switched to Grapefruit and Soda, with free nuts, as I have been single handedly keeping the bar and restaurant profitable!  Tonight I focused on more messaging and facebooking about REcircle‘s involvement in Park(ing) Day here in Brussels, and dreaming up some more ideas.  More on that … Continue reading

Day 256 – Park(ing) Day

As Brussels gears itself up for its annual Car-free Sunday (this Sunday September 18th), we have stumbled upon a great initiative on the internet called Park(ing) Day. Basically its a worldwide event where city residents are inspired to spend this Friday and Saturday, taking over a Parking space in their City to convert it into … Continue reading