Day 364 – travelling to Geneva

Friday 30th December 2011. Hubbie gets his own back when the alarm shrieks at 7am in the morning, as I am still not ready to get up and pack (what a surprise – I’m not good in the mornings either!). And I trudge through the house with my list of ski essentials (and life essentials), … Continue reading

Day 363 – the day before…..

Thursday 29th December 2011. Today I cleaned up the desk at work, emptied my in-box, and then headed home to do my packing. However I am easily distracted, and between finishing the post for Turtlewings, catching up with a quick G&T and a chat with Jules, and preparing dinner from leftovers, the evening suddenly disappeared. … Continue reading

Day 299 – the chaos after the iStuff…..

somewhere. at some point, you face the harsh realities of still having to pack something. and in my case, it is still for the four of us. bribery, corruption, threats and sweets did not work so now I sit here at half past midnight, still working out what everyone really needs, and what they are … Continue reading

Day 298 – the iStuff updates….

In years gone by, when planning a holiday, you started out with a ‘To Do’ list that basically revolved around the following; – clothes to pack – flight tickets/passport/holiday travellers cheques (do you remember those!) and cash in your hand luggage (along with medication and one nights stuff incase the suitcase went missing!) – toiletries/books/magazines … Continue reading

Day 215 – Holiday Thought for the Day….

This was an interesting article that had us giggling like hell in the office this week, as we continue on the holiday theme….. Supposedly, UK women pack too many clothes for a two-week summer holiday and end up wearing just over half the items according to a survey by Co-operative Insurance. The value of the … Continue reading