Day 219 – DIY and oysters……..a perfect combination!

Two new discoveries this weekend……… a lovely result of only having one instead of two kids in the house, and hence the ability to focus!!.  Hubbie decided it was a great opportunity to work on our kids bedrooms, to update them from ‘childish and untidy fun areas’ into ‘cool and almost teenage’ dens.  And in … Continue reading

Day 112 – foraging for Oysters…..

We hit low tide here at 2.39 this afternoon, so the Big Boys headed out for Oyster rocks, our favourite off beach location for foraging Oysters and Mussels.  Their return was triumphant, a whole tub of oysters and seaweed for our BBQ feast tonight.  Rog & Carol were already here in Brittany, Pieter, Jules and … Continue reading