Day 314 – Shop til you drop……

Thursday 10th November. (memories of NYC)   Sometimes the shopping and the sightseeing was just too much…… The highlights of the those who just need to sit down somewhere when the going gets tough! …..    

Day 312 – Nirvana on the 56th floor!

Tuesday 8th November 2011. There are lots of memories of NYC I still want to post, as 1. I have a lot, 2. I have in total over 2500 photo’s to wade through, and 3. It means I don’t have to focus on this horrible cold! …….where is that toilet roll when you need it? … Continue reading

Day 311 – Jet Lag Hag

Monday 7th November 2011. I am such a Jet Lag Hag…… 55 floors up yesterday, at 35000ft overnight, back to earth with a bang, in the basement tonight! Combined with the second cold from hell (one on the way out, repeated again half way across the Atlantic -> Jet Airways operate a sauna not an … Continue reading

Day 309 – Brooklyn Flea…. across the Brooklyn Bridge!

Saturday 5th November 2011. I have looked forward to this for years.  Each trip to NYC I’ve longed to cross the river and rummage at Brooklyn Flea.  But it’s never quite happened.  I once managed the Rose Bowl in LA on a design trip, as we (by co-incidence) were there on the second Sunday of … Continue reading

Day 308 – Ice Skating in NYC

Friday 4th November 2011. No trip to NYC would be complete without a skate in Central Park.  Cold clear air and strong sun, makes the perfect backdrop! ….     ….. Inigo was keen to develop his photography skills, as he plans to purchase a camera on this trip, he plays with my camera and … Continue reading

Day 306 – customising your Converse….

  Wednesday 2nd Nov 2011 After a serious telling off by the security guys on the bridge back into NYC (I didn’t realise that you couldn’t take photo’s – oops, security crisis only diverted by me deleting the photo’s pronto!), we headed to Soho for lunch with Ann, Peter, Jef and Nina. Balthazar was a … Continue reading

Day 303 – Sunny Snowy Sunday …..

with no power, but heh, who cares when you’re in a winter wonderland, in Connecticut…..       the kids relax…… Hubbie chops wood, otherwise no fire! while I wander around enjoying the landscape….       and have time to chill and play with the camera up close…. Then it was time to get … Continue reading

Day 302 – Snowtober Saturday

Are we the only people who book car hire while in the States, with an online company in Manchester, to take a car from Alamo from round the block??  World gone crazy, but a much cheaper option, and more exciting when we discovered we’d been upgraded to a Jeep….. As it turns out, thank god … Continue reading