Day 260 – Sick on a Saturday, no way!

Sitting still, taking it easy, and relaxing are not a natural part of my vocabulary.   I know through previous incidents, that this is the only way to recover, but I am still completely useless at putting theory into practice!  I have this built in, keep going button, that is very difficult to reset at … Continue reading

Day 258 – the homecoming…..

Thursday was rather a difficult day.  Somewhere along the way, I lost my temper a couple of times (unheard of in one week, let alone one day!), switched to new glasses, and stupidly spent all day on the computer screen.   Bang……… guess what!  One hell of a Migraine started 1 hour before the return … Continue reading

Day 124 – Visual Overload

It starts with blurred vision, a waterbased paintbrush washing out part of life as I see it. My head then throbs behind the eyeballs, nausia sets in, and is matched by a  strong desire to switch everything off and hole up under the duvet. My brain plays image after image, and won’t sleep.  Sensory overload … Continue reading

Diet Day 25 – A Blog from my Bed

Today I have retreated to my bed with a Migraine.  It could be classified as bad, but they are all bad.  So it is just a common-0r-garden, I got too tired, too emotional and too stressed out, Migraine.  The Big Pill (my saviour on days like this) is working, but I feel groggy, so I’m … Continue reading