Day 159 – I am beginning to doubt the multitasking female myth…..

Ok, it’s a fact, men cannot multitask.  It’s possible at work, but impossible at home (I’m convinced it’s due to the ‘shut out all interference’ gene, otherwise known as ‘ignore your wife’! that men are born with). But how come, the female experts at multitasking work life, home life and love life, cannot manage to … Continue reading

10 tips to survive a Family Summer Music Festival …….

take wet wipes, just in case you don’t want to use the showers (or the kids refuse!)… book ‘ boutique camping’, it’s all set up for you and you have posh loos and showers!… take earphones for the little ones (they’re expensive on site and sell out very quickly)… no glass allowed -> take wine … Continue reading

There must be an i-phone app for……

romance on the train

Why does it always happen to me? Here I am again, on route to North West France, in First Class, next to a couple of old fogies, with a iphone loaded with movies, radio 4 podcasts, and the latest tunes.  And guess what, the kids have done it again, they’ve nicked the headphones out of my handbag!!  … Continue reading