Day 226 – Sunny Sundays.

We had our ritual trip to the Sunday market at Foret Fouesnant today, as my Mum has been converted to the delights of French cheese, and crusty bread. Unfortunately the bread doesn’t travel well, but the Comte and the Morbier does, so we’ve filled the basket with cheeses and saucisson bound for the journey home … Continue reading

Day 204 – The Hawkins arrive….

with supplies from England (how I love my delivery of Crunchies/Curly Wurlys/Flakes, etc) Yippee!! It’s great to have more of the ‘English Gang’ here. as we have now been nicknamed by Aurelie and Jacques at Les Boucaniers!  We hit a new high today by lunching there en masse (6 adults and 3 kids) and starting … Continue reading

Day 107 – Sunday at the beach….

The great thing about France, is it’s ability to make me forget how awful the drive is within 24 hours of being there.  Particularly when the weather smiles on us.  Sunday gave us blue skies and bright sunshine.  So much so, that I managed to burn my shoulders at Les Boucaniers (loud cheers of happiness … Continue reading