Day 361 – a chill out night in Brussels….

Tuesday 27th December 2011. Ok it’s not much fun going back to work so soon after the Christmas break, but there are a few advantages; there is no traffic, the NL->Bxl trip took just over an hour, and the journey home after work took an astounding 20 minutes (cf nearly an hour normally!) no one … Continue reading

Diet Day 2 – Keep Calm and Walk On

Survived the first 24 hours ‘sans les cigarettes’, but have to say not so successful with everything else.  I did manage to eat most of the listed leftovers yesterday, but there is still a small bowl of trifle and some fois gras lurking in the back of the fridge.  My mum is on her way … Continue reading

I QUIT! – Day 1

The sun is shining, I had a lovely long lie-in, read a book, and am now sitting on my hands trying not to smoke! It’s been a while since I felt like this, I remember as a student on the many occasions I was giving up, in pubs sitting on my hands (in between downing … Continue reading

Diet Day -1

Today as I prepare myself for the big day, I’ve started looking for fridge inspiration. You know, that ‘message on the door’, that is guaranteed to stop you opening it the minute you come home from work and reach for the bottle of white wine, meat leftovers, and cubes of cheese.  I started with Etsy, … Continue reading

Turkey Tantrums, but now it’s all over………

Yes the kids had almost had enough, and hubbie was glazing over at the sight of yet more turkey, but today we managed to say ‘au revoir’ til next year to our dear old Bird. Lunch was leftover carrots and chestnuts, whipped up into a delicious (even chestnut hating hubbie managed a bowl!) of soup, … Continue reading

Yesterday’s turkey is today’s curry…..

Well actually it was the turkey dish of the day yesterday, the first foray into the life of a leftover turkey, and how to con the kids into eating it for yet another day.  Thila referred to it regularly as a chicken curry, and as she was wolfing it down, none of us felt obliged … Continue reading

When the fridge is full of cooked turkey and vegetables…….

And you can’t get another thing in it………’s time to find yummy ways to use up those leftovers. With a ‘green’ son (you can’t possibly waste anything, when I could eat it) and my fussy mum (we resolved the argument about how long you could keep cooked turkey via the internet), it was time to … Continue reading