Day 255 – the future forecast……

5 days without Hubbie and evening no. 4 at the pool. I am almost on first name terms with the guy running the bar, have eaten most things off the menu, and drunk a lot of Leffe blonde. Today was the first day however that I had company for the whole time, and had to … Continue reading

Day 251 – Day 1 without Hubbie!

Yes I survived the pool run yesterday.  Came home late last night and made today’s sandwiches.  Packed the kids off to bed. And then worried all night if I would get up in time to get the kids to school and make work in Dusseldorf by 10am! How life changes without Hubbie here.  He’s the … Continue reading

Day 250 – Back to the ‘pool routine’..

I was not looking forward to the return of the ‘pool runs’. School runs are one thing.  It’s a straight forward drop off or pick up without too much hanging around in-between.   Pool runs are another matter.  They involve huge commitment and endurance, dedication and skill, and careful forward planning.  And I’m just talking about … Continue reading

Day 240 – an unbelievable Leg of Lamb recipe…….

This one I just had to share……  I adore leg of Lamb (a special treat from Jack at Jack O’Shea yesterday, yes he was in the shop but I promised not to tell too many people that he was serving!) and found an interesting recipe on the internet that I tinkered with. The end result … Continue reading

Day 231 – TGI it’s nearly Saturday…..

Boy was it one of those days today.  Luckily I had 3 perfect boys staying over last night, as I have to say the thought of a 2 year old in a cot next to our bed, was bringing me out in a cold sweat……. it has been a while, but luckily our daughter was … Continue reading

Day 219 – DIY and oysters……..a perfect combination!

Two new discoveries this weekend……… a lovely result of only having one instead of two kids in the house, and hence the ability to focus!!.  Hubbie decided it was a great opportunity to work on our kids bedrooms, to update them from ‘childish and untidy fun areas’ into ‘cool and almost teenage’ dens.  And in … Continue reading

Day 199 – The Windy forecast today…….

Is……. very strong, in fact very very strong.  The kids headed out for their Windsurfing school (day 1) with a concerned look on their faces.  They have clocked up hours of sailing (but only one week of windsurfing in relatively calm conditions), and wouldn’t bat an eyelid at this weather when safely sat on a … Continue reading

Day 190 – the long drive to Paradise……

I survived!  My first trip to Concarneau without Hubbie.  9 hours on the road with the two monkeys, one toilet stop, one refuel, lots of emmets (cornish for holidaymakers in caravans and overloaded cars!) and huge queues at the toll booths in France.  We  became experts at keeping left (in the T lane for prepaid) … Continue reading

Day 177 – Sunday Snoozing, I wish…..

Well that’s what we were hoping for.  We deliberately kept this weekend free of plans/engagements and general ‘any excuse to go anywhere but stay at home’ arrangements.  But of course, having rented out the 2nd floor finally last weekend, there were jobs waiting to be done (including the dreaded trip to Ikea).  Those were taken … Continue reading

Day 169 – the BEPS BBQ

Heavy rain did its best to put us off, but we are die hard BBQ affectionados. So much so that even after our kids left BEPS 2 years ago, we continue to run the bbq for the school and donate 2 days a year to fundraising for their pta. Its a great opportunity to catch … Continue reading