Day 345 – Inspiration from Christmas retail windows and decorations.

Sunday 11th December 2011. Yesterday we managed to locate the Christmas tree (hidden in a box last year in the deepest darkest corner of the house!), today it was time to discover the hiding place of the Christmas decorations.  As we have a number of boxes, built up over the years, in different colours, from … Continue reading

Day 340 – Istanbul

Tuesday 6th December 2011. Another early start, and guess what, I am already awake before the alarm goes off, as my inner clock has adjusted to those 5am starts. Help! Today I’m traveling to Istanbul, to do some store visits with the Turkish team. They are a ‘young’ country, keen and enthusiastic, though restrained by … Continue reading

Day 341 -Istanbul, the morning after…….

Wednesday 7th December 2011. Well last night was certainly a challenge! I was dropped back to the hotel around 8.30pm to discover my room was actually a Sauna. Heading towards (I refuse to accept I am in it!) that middle flush of life, this is a disaster for my internal heating system. I tried turning … Continue reading

Day 104 – Istanbul part 2

Ok last night was very interesting when I finally plucked up the courage to leave the hotel for dinner. The hotel recommended a restaurant down by the Bospheros, that served fish. Off I went yet again in a taxi with no seat belts (but I’m getting used to closing my eyes and praying by now!) … Continue reading

Day 103 – my first blog on the iPad, live from Istanbul!

I’m excited but also apprehensive as this is my first blog on the iPad, via wifi, live from Istanbul! I have to say it’s been another interesting experience, as although I’ve been here a few times on business in my former life (design and buying), and for a very memorable weekend with Hubbie BC (before … Continue reading