Day 253 – Shopping by sms…..

So much for that super chilled weekend….. I had managed to lose the kids from my bed around 4am (they feel the need to stick to me like limpets in the absence of their Dad).  I can assure you the only benefit of a Hubbie away is a Big Bed to yourself, and it just … Continue reading

Day 140 – Top Ten Signs That You Are An Internet Geek

I don’t want to reveal my profile just yet as we have our presentation to our team tomorrow as part of our teambuilding, but I thought I’d share this nugget of info from the internet that I found while surfing for personal enlightenment!! ….. Top Ten Signs That You Are An Internet Geek …. 10 … Continue reading

Diet Day 9 – Hot and Sour Chicken Soup, and No I am NOT!


No I am NOT in a good mood today.  After a nice long lie-in, a bit of kitchen preparation for the week (soup making including the stock), I was looking forward to an hour to myself early afternoon.  And then the dreaded catastrophy happened.  The Internet went down along with our mail server.  Not good.


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