Day 353 – Girls Night Out in Dusseldorf

Monday 19th December 2011. As I’m sure you realise (even if you read this on a not-so-regular basis!), I spend an awful lot of time in my car, driving to and from Dusseldorf.  In the last couple of weeks, as the days have been dark, cold and the Belgian weather not so nice, I have … Continue reading

Day 336 – Munster, the City tour and the Christmas market

Friday 2nd December 2011. After the Mettingen experience yesterday, we headed off for Munster.  An affluent city, with an interesting history, that managed to rebuild itself after heavy bombing during the 2nd World War, and create a modern version of its old self.  In other words nothing like the Coventry’s of this world, which makes … Continue reading

Day 335 – It’s off to work we go…….

Thursday 1st December 2011. But we’re not sure where or what we’ll be doing.  You see we were having a surprise trip today.  Well, sort of a surprise……   In advance, we knew that it consisted of meeting up in Head Office in Germany and then travelling on to somewhere within approximately two hours.  I … Continue reading

Day 273 – the car trouble continues…..

My car drama continued with the company pool car on Friday.  Never a good day to head towards Dusseldorf, as it was a way too early start, that resulted in an oil warning as I crossed the border into Germany.  After a long day of meetings, I headed for the border back into NL and … Continue reading

Day 245 – Great Garden Inspiration…..

One day, shopping inspiration in Barcelona.  Next day, gardening inspiration in Germany.  Both work, both thoroughly enjoyable…..despite the heat (which was totally unexpected in Germany and resulted in me tottering around a garden centre sweltering in high heel boots, tight jeans and a long sleeve top -> but more later on a very sweaty weekend … Continue reading

Day 150 – Phew, I need to chill!

After such a hectic weekend it was hard to roll out from under the duvet this morning, and leap out of bed. Especially as Hubbie’s alarm had gone off at some unearthly hour as he had an early start to Paris! Kids got to school on time, I drove to Aachen, a little late, and … Continue reading

Day 137 – Life from on High……

Today I viewed life from on high.  Not some unearthly or holy experience as such, although driving to Neuss can be classified as a little unearthly at such an early time in the morning.  No, most of my day was viewed from up a ladder while dressing and undressing men!  Actually in Germany it is … Continue reading

Day 123 – Car Journeys, the Road to Hell?

I really do have a love/hate relationship with cars.  As much as I sometimes cherish the time alone in one, to listen to podcasts/the radio/or generally sing my head off to my favourite playlists, I actually loath having to drive them (or be that wide-awake passenger so familiar on those holiday trips to Brittany).  I … Continue reading