Day 270 – Autumn food in high summer weather….. world gone wild!

We’re in the mood for Autumn, but at the moment the weather has gone back in time to high summer!  It feels really weird to be shopping in our local market looking at gorgeous pumpkins and autumn veg, while the sun is cracking the pavements.  During my last trip at the weekend, I spotted some … Continue reading

Day 66 – Crispy Chicken with roasted vegetables

Opening the fridge tonight full of Albert Heijn groceries, I was a little spoilt for choice, but as we’re all together for dinner at 8, it’s nice to plan something we can all sit down to eat together.  Chicken drumsticks are so easy and yummy to prepare, and the weekly quota of bio veg needed … Continue reading

(Diet) Day 33 – Focus on the positive, and Sauteed chard with garlic

Although we’re off the full detox diet, we are still trying to keep on the healthy side of everything.  Hence this was the recipe we followed last night with our simply cooked fresh fish. Staying on the clear mind side of things has in the meantime been more difficult, but is an area I would … Continue reading