I would love to be able to ‘rant’ in another language……

Konninginnedag namiddag en avond …… vervolgd Sometimes the expat ‘slightly disconnected’ life raises it’s ugly head in terms of having to face up to the nastier/niggly/just down right annoying side of life, in a second or even third language. I know, very very well, how to express my annoyance, legal rights and general ‘you’re a … Continue reading

Day 245 – Great Garden Inspiration…..

One day, shopping inspiration in Barcelona.  Next day, gardening inspiration in Germany.  Both work, both thoroughly enjoyable…..despite the heat (which was totally unexpected in Germany and resulted in me tottering around a garden centre sweltering in high heel boots, tight jeans and a long sleeve top -> but more later on a very sweaty weekend … Continue reading

Day 92 – Saturday was 25 degrees!

The temperature shot up today to 25 deg in Brussels, short lived but much welcomed.  It gave us a chance to get out in the garden and clean up, ready for the garden re-planning (although to be honest it’s never been fully realised in the 10 years+ we’ve been here). We’re battling with a very … Continue reading

Cooking with Cherries

During a trip to the NL last weekend, we passed by our house to empty the barn of the last remnants of our bits and pieces. I was rather surprised to see that tenants had not picked the latest crop of cherries and were obviously not interested in the joys of the garden. So I … Continue reading

Green grass and Gooseberries

So finally I used the last 2kg of gooseberries in a gooseberry crumble that will be launched on unsuspecting friends tomorrow, topped with gooseberry and elderflower ice-cream. I feel liberated by the fact that I can enter my kitchen again without having to delve through pages of recipes to find something to do with a … Continue reading