Day 170 – the British Breakfast at last!

  Sunday started with the arrival of the 6th egg!  Bingo, now we can fry up an English Breakfast. There is definitely something super special about eating eggs fresh from your own chickens, the yolks almost glow orange, and the whites are super firm and yummy!  I would definitely recommend getting your own, as nothing … Continue reading

Day 167 – Day 4/Egg 4

We now have 4 eggs after 4 days of laying! Almost a box full. We’re doing the official tasting on saturday morning, when hopefully we have our first half dozen for a fry up with bacon. My daughter has a theory on who is actually laying the eggs, as it’s always one by one. Basically … Continue reading

Day 156 – Chicken run, part 2

This long weekend we reinforced the Chicken Coop ready for Chicken Run part 2.  First off was the deep digging of chicken wire under the soil, this is to stop the not so Fantastic Mr Fox from digging down.  This was followed by some heavy rock being dug into the surrounding edges (further deterrent), and … Continue reading