Day 193 – Invasion of the Ladybirds!

Yes really, Concarneau is suffering from an invasion of Ladybirds.  Supposedly these are the naughty North American kind, that invaded a few years back and are wiping out our cuddly cosy local variety.  How can you tell the difference?  The N. American version are orange and our original ladybirds are red -> easy! They are … Continue reading

Day 192 – let the sailing ‘stage’ begin…..

This morning I woke up to excited kids, today is day 1 of their sailing stage and as usual they are super excited and can’t wait to get into town on their bikes.  Everything was checked and laid out ready last night, water shoes, wet suits and swim cossies were checked and double checked to … Continue reading

Day 191 – Sunday markets and doing things I don’t normally have to…..

Of course the highlight of arriving in France after the arduous journey on a Saturday, is the thrill of the market on a Sunday.  I almost wish it was Sunday every other day when you’re here, actually not a bad idea when you’re in Belgium too! As it’s holiday time, it’s busy, and you queue … Continue reading

Day 190 – the long drive to Paradise……

I survived!  My first trip to Concarneau without Hubbie.  9 hours on the road with the two monkeys, one toilet stop, one refuel, lots of emmets (cornish for holidaymakers in caravans and overloaded cars!) and huge queues at the toll booths in France.  We  became experts at keeping left (in the T lane for prepaid) … Continue reading

Day 189 – the night before……

leaving for holidays -> I hate it.  Packing kills me, particularly when it involves both me and the kids (as Hubbie stays home to work for another week at least).  I always thought that having a holiday home meant you did half as much, but because you can have all your own stuff there, you … Continue reading

Day 116 – A lunchtime special…. Mackerel Pate

It’s not often that I come across a Blog where I just would so love to lead that life, but this one is just so inspirational, that I just had to spread the word, to my like-minded friends! Yesterday morning,  I prepared a light lunch for friends popping in, using the left-overs (don’t worry – … Continue reading

Day 113 – Crabby Patty went into the Hot Tub

What do you say to a 6 year old when he asks, what happened to Crabby Patty? Let me explain.  The Big Boys were well impressed.  The guys next door, have been dropping a net off our beach every day and night for the last week.  And this morning they landed a very very big … Continue reading

Day 57 – I want to be a Time Traveller…..

How I wish that Dr Who was real, and that time travel was just a case of getting into a TARDIS instead of an A3……. I truly loath the return journeys from holidays.  That final pack up and clean, the squashing of everything into the car, the horror 30 minutes down the road of what … Continue reading

Day 56 – The Big Clean Up

For once we are trying to do the big clean up before we leave, the day before, instead of rushing madly around on the actual day of departure.  It’s not going well so far, as I am more glued to the computer than to the duster.  Hubbie is wielding the vacuum cleaner as I type … Continue reading

Day 55 – Chilling literally, by the beach

There is something about a beach holiday at this time of year that makes you stop and think.  It’s a bit like getting on a plane and spending 12 hrs on a long haul flight where you can do nothing but dream.  At 30000 ft, you are at the mercy of the pilot and his … Continue reading