Day 203 – My iPad App Day

Finally I found time to research my iPad, and spend some time searching for App’s, with a little help from my friends! I had this funny feeling I wasn’t using it to the max, but when I started to dig in, I realised just how minimal I had been on the iPad!! My first kick … Continue reading

Day 202 – my Sunshine!

The day has brightened up to the extent that we managed to BBQ at lunch, chill all afternoon on the terrace, swim and do aperitifs with Rog and Carol….. PERFECT! It’s now 9pm and the sun is starting to sink.  Here’s to hopefully another bright day tomorrow…….with my sunshine!

Day 201 – the DIY man and his hired help!

Behind every good DIY man, stands an active Cleaner.  In Brussels I have hired help, en France, c’est moi! I was woken today to the sound of the drill (OMG), Hubbie was in the basement knocking out bricks.  I was slightly worried that he had decided to knock through to the lower bedroom under the … Continue reading

Day 199 – The Windy forecast today…….

Is……. very strong, in fact very very strong.  The kids headed out for their Windsurfing school (day 1) with a concerned look on their faces.  They have clocked up hours of sailing (but only one week of windsurfing in relatively calm conditions), and wouldn’t bat an eyelid at this weather when safely sat on a … Continue reading

Day 198.5 – Colour in Concarneau…..

Yesterday’s visualisation of our walk to Concarneau, even in the rain you can find beautiful colour and light……. The greens, glowing in the dull light…. The neutrals, cool on a grey day……… the vibrants, colourful enough to warm you up…… There’s just something extra special in the light of the coast, that even on a … Continue reading

Day 198 – A great day for the windsurfers……..

but not for the sunbathers!  We filled the windy and wet morning by going to two markets, and had a market ‘Roast Chicken and Potato’ lunch.  Hubbie is on house clearing exercise no 2, and is tackling the basement.  Of course all he finds to chuck out is immediately leapt on by our Daughter as … Continue reading

Day 197 – The sunshine arrives… least in my dreams!

well at least in the form of my Hubbie!  The train rolled in on time and after a wet reunion on the station platform at Rosporden, we drove home for a cheese and wine celebratory lunch.  After a tidy up in the Garage (he can’t resist tackling something messy the minute he walks in the … Continue reading

Day 196 – There is always a silver lining…..

in the clouds somewhere.  Life today has been a touch difficult.  We were not sure if Hubbie would manage to sort the crumbling facade out and get on the train, not sure if any Belgian builders would come back from their holidays to do it, and not sure how the hell we would finance it. … Continue reading

Day 195 – Fireworks……..

Last night we walked into Concarneau around 10.30pm, to watch the fireworks to mark Bastille Day in France.  They were as impressive as ever.  It’s great to sit on the rocks, and just stare at the sky in wonder for 20 minutes.   However you’re feeling, they are guaranteed to make you smile.  (note for next … Continue reading

Day 194 – a day around Concarneau, blue skies everywhere…..

After dropping the kids at sailing school this morning, I decided to get some much needed exercise on my bike. It was a beautiful morning, so I skirted around the back streets of town, with one eye on spotting new restaurants, bars and shops.  I was very happy to find an Asian traiteur, and a … Continue reading