Day 256 – Park(ing) Day

As Brussels gears itself up for its annual Car-free Sunday (this Sunday September 18th), we have stumbled upon a great initiative on the internet called Park(ing) Day. Basically its a worldwide event where city residents are inspired to spend this Friday and Saturday, taking over a Parking space in their City to convert it into … Continue reading

Day 221 – Community Clean Up…….after the Riots

Not such good news this week, unfortunately, as we wake up daily to the news of the Rioting in London, that has spread to other UK cities.  It has became addictive to watch all the feeds on FB, Twitter and the Internet, and in the wake of all the shame and disgust, to see that … Continue reading

Day 203 – My iPad App Day

Finally I found time to research my iPad, and spend some time searching for App’s, with a little help from my friends! I had this funny feeling I wasn’t using it to the max, but when I started to dig in, I realised just how minimal I had been on the iPad!! My first kick … Continue reading

Day 143 – Exaxtly how many versions of the Purl Stitch exist?

I popped into Turtlewings on Thursday lunchtime last week for a few quick knitting tips, knowing that a couple of my knitting pals would be there. You see, I am not back up to the confidence levels of my youth, and cannot always remember the purl stitch, (which to the uni’knit’iated is the reverse side … Continue reading

Day 60 – Conversations in reality……

  Tonight went like this. Scenario – I’m upstairs on the laptop, my daughter is downstairs on the computer. I’m on Facebook, daughter starts ‘chatting’ ‘hey mum’ from downstairs ‘hi sweetie’ I reply ‘hey mum I’m talking to my friends on facebook’ I’m on the phone to Hubbie so typed ‘well how about talking to … Continue reading