Day 276 – Happy Mondays no. 3

Exercise Our body and our mind are connected. Being active makes us happier as well as being good for our physical health. It instantly improves our mood and can even lift us out of a depression. We don’t all need to run marathons – there are simple things we can all do to be more … Continue reading

Day 108 – Monday Morning, the power walk!

It’s 8 days since I decided to rewrite the rules with my 10×10=100 (10 to give up and 10 to start, for 100 days), as part of my live life better campaign.  To be honest, I’ve not really thrown myself into this with great enthusiasm, as just before holidays and birthday, is not the best … Continue reading

Day 95 – Feeling old (not Groovy!)

Every now and then I have days which should be classified and buried deep in the top secret filing cabinet.  Preferably forever, and which should never be discussed in public.  Problem is it involves the unmistakable, undeniable fact that as life marches forwards, your body stops fighting the good fight, in the ways that it … Continue reading

Diet Day 6 – Putting your Heart and Soul into it!

“Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein Today was a great day, it was my de-clutter day in the office (such a massive job that it will have to continue tomorrow).  But there is something rather liberating about having … Continue reading