Day 217 – TGI Friday……..

It really felt like a long haul this week, so I am truly glad to reach Friday, and the start of the weekend. Our son is camping with a friend this weekend, so I can sneak into his bed and get a decent night’s sleep.  Our cleaner is due so the house may be a … Continue reading

Day 183 – Breakfast in the Ardennes

The great thing about going away with friends for the weekend is that we can save up all our eggs and cook an English Breakfast without feeling guilty. Double bonus this time, the Mega Egg produced a double yolker!

Day 170 – the British Breakfast at last!

  Sunday started with the arrival of the 6th egg!  Bingo, now we can fry up an English Breakfast. There is definitely something super special about eating eggs fresh from your own chickens, the yolks almost glow orange, and the whites are super firm and yummy!  I would definitely recommend getting your own, as nothing … Continue reading

Day 119 – The Royal Wedding, and some suitable recipes for celebrations in style!

After a quick cycle into town for provisions from the market, and a quick fleece blanket Union Jack purchase from ‘La Maison’ shop, we were ready to party on the terrace. Janine whipped up a fantastic English breakfast, while Charles and I got stuck into the Telly watching. Hubbie hovered. Kids couldn’t quite understand what … Continue reading