Day 209 – Gateau breton

I have been struggling this holiday to get motivated in the kitchen.  Actually to get motivated at all, at times.  I have even once or twice taken over the male domain of the BBQ (shock horror!) after realising in the first week, that sans Hubbie means you have to DIY! So it was lovely to … Continue reading

Day 200 – some recipes from my French kitchen…..

….but not necessarily French!! In between the rough weather, I have been focusing on cooking some new recipes in our kitchen (as I’ve had to abandon the BBQ for the last 4 days!).  Luckily Hubbie is now here, as the kids are not always so enthusiastic at new things on their plates.  However all the … Continue reading

Day 183 – Breakfast in the Ardennes

The great thing about going away with friends for the weekend is that we can save up all our eggs and cook an English Breakfast without feeling guilty. Double bonus this time, the Mega Egg produced a double yolker!

Day 181 – the Mega Egg

We’ve started experimenting with new egg recipes, as our supply increases at a steady rate.   Yesterday we made spaghetti carbonara with home grown eggs, and today macaroni cauliflower with the kids dutch cultivated cheese (from a school trip recently).  It really could become the ‘Good Life’ here if we’re not careful! This morning produced … Continue reading

Day 179 – Chicken ‘Crush and Mush’, recycling/recircling with our chickens!

The chickens have some rather interesting eating habits, probably a reflection of the family who has adopted them.  At the weekend, our daughter introduced them to the delights of half eaten grapes, fed by hand.  (Sometimes she grasps the concept of sharing, just not with big brother!) I have also been looking up various feeding … Continue reading