Day 114 – The Easter Bunny

Despite eating bunny ironically on Friday evening, the real Easter Bunny still arrived in our Garden overnight, along with a heavy dose of summer sun. This of course resulted in total chocolate overload, hyper kids, and stressed parents…… There was only way to solve this.  Decamp to the beach, take a long lunch, and chill … Continue reading

Day 113.5 – it rained ;(

Finally we faced the hard truth that sometimes good things have to come to a natural end (and hence there is an updated post for day 113 called 113.5!).  It might have been due to the impending arrival of another ‘Howard’ to Concarneau (which usually signifies a change in the weather!), or just the fact … Continue reading

Day 106 – that drive to France….

Avid readers of the blog will know that sinking feeling I have when we have to get in the car for the long and very tedious drive to France.  This time I thought I’d cracked it.  Leaving early morning, with the packing done and dusted, a lovely lunch at Honfleur, and timed just so, that … Continue reading