I would love to be able to ‘rant’ in another language……

Konninginnedag namiddag en avond …… vervolgd Sometimes the expat ‘slightly disconnected’ life raises it’s ugly head in terms of having to face up to the nastier/niggly/just down right annoying side of life, in a second or even third language. I know, very very well, how to express my annoyance, legal rights and general ‘you’re a … Continue reading

Day 339 – celebrating St Nicholas in Brussels…..

Monday 5th December 2011. Today is St Nicholas, confusing as always to me, a Brit leaving in a Flemish/french international environment with a Dutch husband, where not all celebrate it in the same way. No forward planning had been done, unlike a lot of friends who organize it all at the weekend, when the day … Continue reading

Day 233 – Sunday in NL

Headed for NL today as the kids are staying with Oma and Opa for 2 days before Back To School.  (time for some brushing up on their Dutch after all the French immersion of the last few weeks!) We had a few hours to spare before they arrived back from Judith’s, so we headed to … Continue reading

Day 134 – the Digital Detox weekend, part 1……

It started with a slight hiccup.  We headed off for a quick Moroccan meal at KifKif (as you never know what might be available in the back of beyond!) before leaving Brussels, and therefore underestimated the drive (and it’s timing) to Luxembourg.  Actually we had no idea that the route was (via our beloved TomTom) … Continue reading

Our Life 2010 (the first 6 months) ………

Welcome to our photo blog of our highs (and a few lows) in 2010!. January 2010 started slowly and painfully on our return from a great Christmas and New year break in Brittany with the Howard’s , the Kay’s and the Hawkin’s. It had been quite a party…… January and February were much slower in … Continue reading

Sausage rolls help fly the flag!

Life sometimes seems so unfair. You try and give your kids all you possibly can in life.  I even left the UK to find a strong healthy hunky dutch man, multi-lingual and multi-talented, to give them the best possible start in life (via their dna).  I thought great.  Bring them up in a multi-cultural, multi-lingual … Continue reading

Cooking with Cherries

During a trip to the NL last weekend, we passed by our house to empty the barn of the last remnants of our bits and pieces. I was rather surprised to see that tenants had not picked the latest crop of cherries and were obviously not interested in the joys of the garden. So I … Continue reading

Viva Espana

Well what can I say….. according to the dutch – the germans stole their bikes,       and according to the english, the game of football is 90 minutes long and then the germans win.  So from a multi-cultural family – Ye Ha!! and Hup Holland for sunday,………… (and by the way I prefer … Continue reading

I’m sure my orange crocs made all the difference today…..

Sometimes in life you have to follow your heart and your man.  When it comes to football, it is vital. So even though he was 100’s of kilometres away, I picked up the kids, rushed home, tuned in the dutch channel, got out the orange hats, flags and crocs, and sat glued to the tv … Continue reading