I would love to be able to ‘rant’ in another language……

Konninginnedag namiddag en avond …… vervolgd Sometimes the expat ‘slightly disconnected’ life raises it’s ugly head in terms of having to face up to the nastier/niggly/just down right annoying side of life, in a second or even third language. I know, very very well, how to express my annoyance, legal rights and general ‘you’re a … Continue reading

Day 233 – Sunday in NL

Headed for NL today as the kids are staying with Oma and Opa for 2 days before Back To School.  (time for some brushing up on their Dutch after all the French immersion of the last few weeks!) We had a few hours to spare before they arrived back from Judith’s, so we headed to … Continue reading

Day 64 – Saturday at the coast

Do you change your mind on a regular basis?  I’m not sure which camp I fall into, as I can be stubborn as hell on the one hand, and very accomodating on the other.  But I am often swayed by a spur of the moment decision (or to be more precise, the promise of good … Continue reading