Day 354 – Oh Christmas Tree….

Tuesday 20th December 2011. Although I haven’t managed it myself this year (another year over and one to add to the New Years Resolutions!), I really admire those people who design a Christmas tree out of the ordinary, and out of all sorts of stuff! Here are a few from friends, and some I found … Continue reading

Day 280 – I need to knit……

I’ve just realised that the scarf has been hidden in the depths of the ‘to do’ pile for a couple of weeks, and as we are now finally and officially in Autumn (it’s cold and wet again!), I really ought to get my skates on.  So after dinner tonight, I will dutifully turn off the … Continue reading

Day 219 – DIY and oysters……..a perfect combination!

Two new discoveries this weekend……… a lovely result of only having one instead of two kids in the house, and hence the ability to focus!!.  Hubbie decided it was a great opportunity to work on our kids bedrooms, to update them from ‘childish and untidy fun areas’ into ‘cool and almost teenage’ dens.  And in … Continue reading

Day 201 – the DIY man and his hired help!

Behind every good DIY man, stands an active Cleaner.  In Brussels I have hired help, en France, c’est moi! I was woken today to the sound of the drill (OMG), Hubbie was in the basement knocking out bricks.  I was slightly worried that he had decided to knock through to the lower bedroom under the … Continue reading

Day 141 – chicken run

I felt a little disappointed on my drive home from a two day workshop on personal development and team building, that no one was at the door to greet me. So nobody missed me? As it was a hot day, and I headed straight for the back garden, after putting the BBQ ingredients in the … Continue reading

Diet Day 22 – Treetops

My ideal place for relaxation would be way up high.  I have dreamed for years of having a treehouse, of being able to climb up high, reach for the sky, and breathe in the air, relax and unwind.  I tried the excuse of having kids…..’darling, wouldn’t it be fab if they had a treehouse to … Continue reading

Deja vous

Was I at work or at home today?  My days have begun to blend into each other.  Everywhere I turn there are packing boxes to load or unload, clothes and samples to sort out, decisions to make on what to keep and what to throw.  As we are sorting and moving at work, as well … Continue reading