Diet Day 18 – Sometimes it’s fun to Dream….

Do you ever have days when you wish that you had been born a Princess? With tiara’s and crown’s and a Handsome Prince to rescue you? I felt like that today, I felt like I was organising everyone else, but missing out on me. I wanted to be rescued from the humdrum routine of reorganising … Continue reading

Diet Day 16 – Dinners at the Weekend

Last night’s dinner was just perfect.  I have never visited a restaurant that could cater so perfectly for those on a diet.  I even ordered and thoroughly enjoyed a ‘Tonifiant’ juice -> carrot apple lemon and ginger (just yummy).  The menu was punctuated with lots of fish, scallops, lobster and vegetarian offerings including my favourite … Continue reading

Diet Day 15 – the mid-month, mid life crisis SWOT

Well so far so good.  Only 2 alcoholic drinks, but no coffee/sweets/chocolate/cakes/pasta/pastry/bread/red meat etc, and a super clean life!  I have to look back and wonder why it took me so long to do it.  Oh yes, something to do with ‘I love my food’  ‘How can I possibly not have a glass of wine … Continue reading

Diet Day 13 – Just EAT!

Why does it feel like the world revolves around food when you’re on a diet? I was in meetings most of the day and everyone seemed to be hungry, all they wanted to do was eat.  I reckon it was that grey continual drizzle type of day that set every one off.  Luckily I had … Continue reading

My New Life as a Daily Blogger on a Detox

From January 1st 2011, I have committed myself to a number of things. First off, January is a CLEAN month.  My Detox Deluxe is taking me through a month of wonderfully healthy food, which I shall blog about, and will break a number of bad habits.  I am focusing on being more positive, relaxing, spending … Continue reading

Diet Day 9 – Hot and Sour Chicken Soup, and No I am NOT!

No I am NOT in a good mood today.  After a nice long lie-in, a bit of kitchen preparation for the week (soup making including the stock), I was looking forward to an hour to myself early afternoon.  And then the dreaded catastrophy happened.  The Internet went down along with our mail server.  Not good.

Diet Day 8 – A light supper – Smoked Salmon and Crumbled Goats Cheese Salad

Today started with that guilty feeling as I dragged myself out of bed and headed for the shower.  After a bit of self abuse (dry brushing followed by a cold shower), I was beginning to feel a little bit back in touch with the world again.  This mornings’ theme was pottering, which I have perfected … Continue reading

Diet day 7 – the Brazilian BBQ

Tonight we were invited to Carlas and Bart’s Brazilian BBQ,  a temptation normally way beyond that of mere mortals.  We sat in the car on the way there, confident of our ability to avoid alcohol/cigarettes and the wrong foods, feeling relatively smug in our detox haze.  We didn’t even need to have that ‘are you … Continue reading

Diet Day 6 – Putting your Heart and Soul into it!

“Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein Today was a great day, it was my de-clutter day in the office (such a massive job that it will have to continue tomorrow).  But there is something rather liberating about having … Continue reading

Diet Day 5 – Back to Work and Thank God for Cod!

Next hurdle, back to work.  Lurking on the corner of my desk this morning were three M&S mini bite boxes, all open and all waiting to be finished. Not fair!  My colleagues were in meetings all day, so Diana our graphic designer was my only ally.  She managed one late this afternoon, and I managed … Continue reading