Day 279 –  Steve Jobs – Here’s to the Crazy Ones…..

Thursday 7.30am, 6th October 2011. I woke up this morning in a hotel room in Dusseldorf, the alarm ringing on my iPhone.  I switched on my Macbook, to catch up with the world, and unplugged my charging iPad and packed it into my handbag.  I am one of the tribe, I admit it, I LOVE … Continue reading

Day 139 – Life in the fashion show, front row in Brussels…….

Yesterday C&A front row for our internal Caring & Amazing seminar including Fashion Show, today “Mais il est ou le soleil?’ Fashion Show at Autoworld Brussels. Yesterday our daughter does her first catwalk, today our student trainee Sophie sees her first Fashion Show live. Both fab, both fun, in different ways.  Huge internal motivation worked … Continue reading

Day 85 – Stockholm chic

Drastic measures have to be taken in a country where the sun shines but it’s still bloody freezing. But at the same time, it is not possible to lose ones fashion focus at a time like this.  I froze as we trooped around the beautiful old city today, so much so that at one point … Continue reading

Day 65 – Hole up and hide away

I am constantly looking at tree houses, hideaways and eco homes, in my dream to find the Great Escape. Sometimes they are high in the sky and very eco minded (Diet Day 22 – Treetops « Life with Lizzi.), sometimes they are more utilitarian, solid and safe, but still utilising re-use, rebuild and natural elements.  … Continue reading

Day 63 – My visual impression of Euroshop 2011

This is a visual Blog of the things I liked about display and stand building at Euroshop this year.  Enjoy!

Day 59 – I could like mondays…..

Dragged myself out of bed this morning to face the world, after the rest of the family had got up, gone swimming, and played the clarinet, all before 6.30am.  Doesn’t that just make you feel so inadequate!  Headed out into the real world and got as far as the office before the first delay of … Continue reading