Day 261 – car free Sunday!

We started at the market at Flagey, stocking up on picnic contents, comparing routes with Pieter and the gang, and admiring the latest graffiti art from Denis Meyers…… The first lap took us home, (to drop off my sunday shopping!) then down to Watermael Boitsfoit to the next Sunday market where we chilled in the … Continue reading

Day 194 – a day around Concarneau, blue skies everywhere…..

After dropping the kids at sailing school this morning, I decided to get some much needed exercise on my bike. It was a beautiful morning, so I skirted around the back streets of town, with one eye on spotting new restaurants, bars and shops.  I was very happy to find an Asian traiteur, and a … Continue reading

Day 146 – The Bike Bug at work

The last couple of weeks have been quite inspiring at work.  We have had our company seminar, putting our company focus back on the ‘Caring’ side of the business and adding an ‘Amazing’ element.  Our VM team has started a personal and team development programme that looks very promising in it’s vision going forward.  And … Continue reading

Day 122 – Back in Brussels, things to look forward to…..

A few weeks ago, during one of my quiet trawls through the internet, I came across a site that I thought would be quite useful for a lot of my Anglo-friends in Brussels.  We struggle, but somehow manage to cope with websites in french and dutch, but miss a ‘one stop shop’ for all things … Continue reading

Day 109 – More Time Please……

Why is it so much easier to exercise here than in Brussels? The answer is Time.  That rare commodity that I would so much love to have more of.  Something that speeds by everyday, even when I restrict my sleeping hours to 6, which means I never seem to achieve all I would like to.  … Continue reading

Day 108 – Monday Morning, the power walk!

It’s 8 days since I decided to rewrite the rules with my 10×10=100 (10 to give up and 10 to start, for 100 days), as part of my live life better campaign.  To be honest, I’ve not really thrown myself into this with great enthusiasm, as just before holidays and birthday, is not the best … Continue reading