Day 78 – 4am in the morning…

I spoke too soon.  Actually it was a good job that we had an early night on Friday, as Saturday turned into a bit of a session.  We were at Doug’s for one of his fabulous curry nights, 10 sensible adults, good conversation, and great food.  We were child-free, as the kids had an unexpected … Continue reading

Day 75 – Saag aloo with roasted gobi curry (cauliflower)

This was so popular with the Hubbie, that it’s been served for 2 nights in a row.  Tonight I added the chicken curry to the mix, as I needed some meat to excite the kids.  Unfortunately, while my back was turned, the kids wolfed down the chicken (one measly piece left for Hubbie after a … Continue reading

Diet Day 28 (with a Vengeance!) – Chicken Curry

The scales showed the results of the wine and pizza last night, as I climbed sheepishly onto them.  I had that slight tingle of a wine induced headache, combined with the feeling that finishing my blog at 2.30am last night, was not such a good idea.  Luckily on checking the comprehension, spelling and general sense … Continue reading

Yesterday’s turkey is today’s curry…..

Well actually it was the turkey dish of the day yesterday, the first foray into the life of a leftover turkey, and how to con the kids into eating it for yet another day.  Thila referred to it regularly as a chicken curry, and as she was wolfing it down, none of us felt obliged … Continue reading